Bars are said to be the catalyst to bonding and great times. With this in mind Tailored Bars has worked to design and bring you the complete experience to your next event - delivering both self-pour and attended keg bar systems that will become a talking point (and a literal ice breaker!). Whether it's a small backyard birthday, a glamorous and unique Wedding experience, or the largest of Corporate events - we will work with you to deliver the Tailored Bar experience that we've become so proud of. Our bars are designed to be fully dismantable and mobilsed on wheels - providing greater flexibility to install in the most compact of spaces.

Our bar systems aim to bring you an all-inclusive experience that is tailored to the tastes of every guest. The options for beverages on tap are near endless, whilst the savings made on kegged purchases will often place the hire of our bar systems as cost-neutral in factoring in the savings from unnecessary bottling overheads or staffing. Hidden behind the sleek and stylish bar itself are high quality commercial kegerator systems. Twin energy-efficient fan-forced keg refrigerators with digital thermometer controls will pre-set your beverages at the best temperature for maximum quality pouring. A variable range of -5 to 28 degrees celsius allows us to offer tap dispensing for ANY beverage - whether it be the more traditional beer, cocktail mixes, soft drink or even sparking water! The bar is complimented by soft LED under-lighting, ice crates (for storage of bottled pre-mixes, wine and soft drinks etc as desired), an array of glassware and enviro-friendly plasticware options, and a range of available upgrades - whether it be a backdrop, festoon lighting or even outdoor heating.

Tailored Bars

Tailored Bars are offered as a dry-hire as we don’t hold a liquor sales license given our 'venue' changes every night of the week! We've partnered with one of Perth's leading commercial suppliers - promising you an exceptional product range and value for money. When offering kegged beverages on tap there are three general keg sizes:

Commercial Kegs:

(filled & sealed for distribution requiring keg systems like ours to 'tap-open' and dispense)

- 50 Litres (standard for beers)
 - 30 & 20 Litres (utilised by some micro-brewery's and for kegged cocktail mixes)

Cornelius Kegs:

(self-fill with removable lid that attaches to our commercial dispensing system)

- 19 Litres - self-fillable with mixers of your choice

Our system allows for the combination of:

 - 2 x Commercial (50L or 30L / 20L each) Kegs
- 1 x Commercial Keg (50L or 30L / 20L) and up to 3 Cornelius (19L each) Kegs
 - Up to 6 Cornelius Kegs (19L each)

The number of taps are changed on the font system to meet your beverage offerings. Of course for high attendee events unlimited kegs can be purchased and swapped over by our professional bar staff (see below for staffing costs) OR simply hire a second bar!

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As the name suggests, Tailored Bars are tailored to your event needs and budget. We are pleased to offer a base package that offers you the opportunity to then add on alcohol, glassware hire / plasticware, bar staff and an array of extras though our hire department as desired.

Our base package includes:

- Our ultra-stylish and portable bar with twin fonts and multi-tap options and drip trays

- Attractive Stainless Steel Presentation Ice Bucket

- Rustic Hanging On-Tap Serving Signs

- Integrated programmable under-lighting for night time ambience

- Twin energy-efficent digital tempetarure controlled fan-regulated kergerators (specialist keg fridges)

- Carbon Dioxide Cylinder & Regulator

- All couplers, gas and liquid plumbing tubes to suit your selected kegs

- All electrical leads & accessories (Tagged & Tested)

- 2x 70L Ice Tubs (for wine, pre-mix & soft drink storage)

- 6x bags of ice to get you started

- Spill Kit

- Delivery, Installation, Run-Through & Re-Collection within 40km of the CBD (additional fees apply outside of the metro catchment)

- 24/7 Technical Support


LAUNCH PROMO: $399 / Overnight Hire*

or from $50 / week on our interest-free

EziDebit Payment Plans


OR Combine this with our DJ Services, a Photo Booth or Audio / Lighting Plug & Play Package & Save!

Combine 2 Packages - Save 10%*

Combine 3 Packages - Save 20%*

(Not Valid with Mid-Summer Promo)

*Pricing is based on Base Package Inclusions (as published ). Alcohol (sourced from supplier with indicative ricing below), glassware / plasticware, staffing (where required) & upgrades attract additional charges as published. Alcohol purchases are unable to be invoiced under an ExiDebit Payment Plan, and are invoiced from the supplier. Multi-Package Discount applied to order total and excludes alcohol sales, excess delivery charges, ultra-peak and public holiday surcharges, and is not valid with any other promotion.



Tailored Bars of course require Tailored Beverage Packages. We've partnered with one of Perth's leading commercial suppliers - promising you an exceptional product range and value for money. Due to liquor licensing restrictions we will provide you with an order form after booking to place an alcohol purchase order with our supply partner (Warehouse Liquor WA). You will be invoiced directly by them, whilst we will arrange collection, pre-refrigeration and the return of the kegs. It's also peace of mind for you knowing you are getting the best rate as no mark-up or commission is made by Tailored Bars in accordance with the Liquor Control Act 1988. Alternatively you may choose to source your own alcohol through your local favorite brewery. Can't quite find what your looking for? We will try our best in working with our supplier to source it for you!

*Pricing is indicative only and subject to distributor increases. Price list valid until August 2020

How much will you Need?

There are many considerations for estimating the number of beverages required including number of attendees, what they are inclined to drink, the length of your event, and whether other bottled pre-mixes such as imported craft beer or wine are being supplied. To give you a rough idea - a 50 litre beer keg will give you approximately 175x middies (285ml) or 117 pints (485ml), or equate to 5.5 slabs of beer. A middi of beer could therefore cost you as little as $1.26, or $1.89 for a pint (based on Cascade Light 50L keg). In contrast a 20 litre cocktail keg will deliver approximately 133 serves (based on 150ml pourings).

As a rough guide for a 5x hour event with a beer, cocktails, wine on offer we would suggest:

1-25 Guests = 1 Keg

25 - 50 Guests = 2 Kegs

50 - 100 Guests = 2 - 3 Kegs

Over 100 People = (3 - 4 Kegs+)

NB: the hiring of a bar staff member is required where more than 2 commercial kegs are ordered (to swap over kegs), unless ordering a second bar.


Carlton Draught - $320.95

Carlton Dry - $338.5

Carlton Black - $325.84

Carlton Mid - $256.32

Melbourne Bitter - $328.32

Pure Blonde - $337.51

Frothy - $310.52

Great Northern Original - $349.52

Great Northern Super Crisp - $285.63

Victoria Bitter - $315.25

Cascade Pale Ale - $342.51

Cascade Light - $221.95

Budweiser - $360.43

Stella - $397.52

Hoegaarden White - $437.52

4 Pines American Amber Ale - $396.77

4 Pines Indian Summer Ale - $396.77

4 Pines Pale Ale - $396.77

4 Pines Nitro Stout - $396.77

Goose Island IPA - $398.74

Goose Island Session IPA - $378.54


Fat Yak Pale Ale - $387.81

Beez Neez - $367.53

Redback Original Wheat Beer - $367.53

Wild Yak Pacific Ale - $367.53

Pirate Life Throwback IPA - $369.58

Pirate Life Pale Ale - $389.75

Pirate Life IPA - $424.14


Coopers Dark Ale - $341.25

Coopers Sparkling Ale - $351.25

Coopers Pale Ale - $349.52

Coopers Dry - $321.52

Coopers Lager - $242.52


Bulmers - $321.82

Matilda Bay Lumber Yak - $387.41


Absolut Pornstar Martini Keg  - $769.01

Kahlua 10% Expresso Martini Keg  - $769.01


Soda / Sparking - $45.00

Tonic - $45.00



340ml Hi-Ball Glass
$0.70 / ea
Perfect for Beer / Softies / Water
425ml Conical Glass
$0.70 / ea
Perfect for Beer / Softies / Water
170ml Solar Champagne Glass
$0.80 / ea
Perfect for Champagne
320ml Modale Crystal Wine Glass
$0.80/ ea
Perfect to Wine
360ml Stemless Primary Glass
$0.70 / ea
Perfect for Wine / Beer / Spirits / Softies / Water
235ml Midnight Plastic Cup
$0.30 / ea
Recyclable & BPA Free
175ml Plastic Wine Cup
$0.85 / ea
Recyclable & BPA Free
175ml Plastic Champagne Flute
$0.85 / ea
Recyclable & BPA Free
250ml Biodegradable Cup
$0.25 / ea
Plant-based & Compostable
280ml Biodegradable Cup
$0.25 / ea
Plant-based & Compostable
420ml Biodegradable Cup
$0.25 / ea
Plant-based & Compostable
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How many Glasses / Cups will you Need?

We recommend approximately 1.5 glasses / cups per attendee. In the event you would like to encourage guests to re-use their own glasses we are happy to provide complimentary stylish rustic signage (to match that of the tap signage) encouraging this. NB: Bar staff are unable to wash & replenish glass supplies on-site as they require commercial washing in accordance with Occupational Health & Safety Standards.



Bar Staff - General RSA
$40 / hr
Serves Beverages, Manages & Rotates Kegs, Pours / Makes Alternate Drinks, Collect Used Glasses. (Minimum 4 Hours)
Bar Staff - Approved Manager
$50 / hr
For Licensed Events (Minimum 4 Hours)
Nature Wall with LED LUp-Lights
Cocktail Table Hire in Perth
$30 / each
Gas Heater Hire in Perth
$80 / each

Includes Full Gas Bottle
Festoon Lighting
$60 / each

Festoon Lighting - 10m Segments. NB: Support Poles / Trussing Additional ($POA)
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- Tailored Photo Booths
- Tailored Audio, Lighting & Visual Hire


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Nature Wall with LED LUp-Lights