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Let our bubbly, professional and experienced staff deliver a truly memorable bar experience for your next event with our premium Bar Packages Staffing requirements do vary with every events subject to the number of patrons, beverages on offer, and availability of commercial washing facilities. 

To assist in calculating staffing requirements our pre-set packages are configured based on patronage numbers. The package selected must be reflective of your maximum expected attendee numbers to ensure that we can deliver a consistently high service standard. Additional staff are available for hire beyond this to increase service efficiency and attentiveness.

*PLEASE NOTE: To maintain a high standard of service and consistency in service delivery our staff are only available when booked in conjunction with our Mobile Bar Packages. We are more than happy to work behind pre-installed / externally sourced bar, although unfortunately no discount is offered on the package given all the bar equipment inclusions.

Perth Bar Staff Hire

RSA Qualified Bar Staff @ $70/hr* (Must be Booked with a Bar Package)

Let our experienced Bar Staff serve your favourite Champagne, Wine, Beer & Spirits / Mixers (with up to 1x garnish) for you and your guests. For peace of mind all our bar staff hold Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) accreditation in accordance with WA Liquor Licensing Requirements. Of course our Bar Staff are more than happy to collect glasses where breaks in bar service permits. We also bring along our own supply of wine / spirit measures and rapid spirit pour caps for staff use. We also provide a complimentary printed menu at the bar to assist your guests in ordering (we will contact you a week prior to obtain confirmation of your offered beverages). Minimum 4 hours hire.

Cocktail Mixologist @ $70/hr* (Must be Booked with a Bar Package)

Our most experienced Bar Staff will blend, shake and pour your most favourite cocktails with whatever stock you may have. We also bring along our own supply of wine / spirit measures, rapid spirit pour caps, cocktails shakes & strainers for staff use. (we will contact you a week prior to obtain confirmation of your offered beverages). Minimum 4 hours hire. 

Approved Managers @ $95/hr* (Must be Booked with a Bar Package)

For public events, or those involving the sale of alcohol, we are pleased to offer accredited Approved Managers to comply with fixed or occasional WA Liquor Licensing requirements. Your approved manager can serve beverages (including cocktails), whilst performing their important role of supervising patron alcohol consumption / safety, and liaising with venue managers and security personnel. Minimum 4 hours hire.

Beverage Wait Staff / Glassies @ $70/hr* (Must be Booked with a Bar Package)

Let our energetic glassies collect all the used glassware and washing them (where commercial facilities are available) along the way. They will also assist to replenish fresh glass supplies at the bar. Minimum 4 hours hire.

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