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As our venue changes with every event we are unable to sell you alcohol directly in accordance with WA Liquor Licensing restrictions. Instead we've partnered with WA Liquor Wholesalers (trading as OP's Tavern, Osborne Park) to offer you great pricing on keg purchases. You can view the keg beer (and even kegged cocktails!) range and pricing HERE. After placing a bar booking with us we will put you in touch with our supplier (if desired) so you can order and pay them directly - offering you peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best price and value for money (the law prohibits us from making commission on this!). We will collect and pre-chill all kegs and other alcohol purchases made through them at no charge before your event.  Alternatively, Tailored Bars also offer Kegs of Mixers & Soft Drinks - offering great aesthetic appeal when tap-poured, whether our staff are pouring it or your guests are serving themselves.

For our Mixology packages we provide all the garnishes and mixers for an initial supply of included cocktails dependant on your package. Additional pre-prepared (cut / squeezed / dehydrated etc) garnishes and mixers are available at $1.50 / drink. You can view our recommended signature Cocktail range here so you can get an idea of excatly what liquor requires purchasing, their average retail prices, together with how many cocktails the bottle will produce.

If you are un-sure about alcohol volumes, large retailers such as Dan Murphy's offer buy-backs on unopened and intact bottles. Check reccomened checking their website and in-store terms & conditions for more information.

How many Beer Kegs will you need?

There are many considerations for estimating the number of beverages required including number of attendees, what they are inclined to drink, the length of your event, and whether other bottled pre-mixes such as imported craft beer or wine are being supplied. To give you a rough idea - a 50 litre beer keg will give you approximately 175x middies (285ml) or 117 pints (485ml), or equate to 5.5 slabs of beer. A middi of beer could therefore cost you as little as $1.26, or $1.89 for a pint (based on Cascade Light 50L keg). In contrast a 20 litre cocktail keg will deliver approximately 133 serves (based on 150ml pourings).

As a rough guide for a 5x hour event with beer, cocktails / mixers, wine on offer for a mixed-demographic of guests we would suggest:

1-25 Guests = 1 Keg

25 - 50 Guests = 1 Keg

50 - 100 Guests = 1-2 Kegs

Over 100 People = (2 - 3 Kegs+)


It must be noted that every event has a slightly different demographic. Whilst not always the case, Bucks nights can often be presumed to have more beer drinkers, where as Weddings may have more sparking or wine drinkers. Please feel free to get in touch if you need some help deciding. 

NB: the hiring of a bar staff member is required where more than 2 commercial kegs are ordered (to swap over kegs), unless ordering a second bar.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a liquor retailer and we do not supply kegs independently (they must be ordered in conjunction with our Bar Hire Packages, with kegs being invoiced directly by our supplier.


Carlton Draught - $340.99

Carlton Dry - $358.95

Carlton Black - $345.25

Carlton Mid - $276.21

Melbourne Bitter - $348.25

Pure Blonde - $357.26

Frothy - $330.20

Great Northern Original - $369.42
Great Northern Super Crisp - $305.63

Victoria Bitter - $325.25

Cascade Pale Ale - $362.21

Cascade Light - $241.51

Budweiser - $380.42

Stella - $447.52

Hoegaarden White - $457.28

4 Pines American Amber Ale - $416.77

4 Pines Indian Summer Ale - $416.77

4 Pines Pale Ale - $416.77

4 Pines Nitro Stout - $416.77

Goose Island IPA - $398.74

Goose Island Session IPA - $398.54


Fat Yak Pale Ale - $403.77

Beez Neez - $387.33

Redback Original Wheat Beer - $387.33

Wild Yak Pacific Ale - $387.33

Pirate Life Throwback IPA - $387.33

Pirate Life Pale Ale - $318.77

Pirate Life IPA - $444.14


Coopers Dark Ale - $361.25

Coopers Sparkling Ale - $371.85

Coopers Pale Ale - $369.52

Coopers Dry - $341.25

Coopers Lager - $282.52


Bulmers - $341.24

Matilda Bay Lumber Yak - $402.14


Absolut Pornstar Martini Keg  - $769.01

Kahlua 10% Expresso Martini Keg  - $769.01


Soda / Sparking - $45.00

Tonic - $45.00

Coke / Diet Coke - $45.00

Lemonade / Sprite - $45.00

*NB: Pricing is a guide only and is subject to supplier increases