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We are pleased to offer a high quality and commercial quantity range of glassware and bio-friendly plasticware that can be tailored to your event needs and beverage options. Glasses only need to be rinsed & placed back into their transit cases prior to return whilst we do the heavy washing. Accidents do happen when having fun, so breakages are charged at a replacement per unit price ($3.00 - $6.00 / glass dependant on style).

How many glasses will I need?

Great Question! We suggest an allocation of 1.5 glasses of each beverage glass offering per guest. As always, we encourage customers and their guests to recycle their glasses where possible, allowing you to reduce this ratio down to approx 1 per guest (or even lower if you had an idea of what select guests would drink). We are happy to provide complimentary signage to encourage the recycling of glasses where requested. Please note for venues that do not offer commercial cleaning facilities our bar staff are (where employed) are unable to offer glass cleaning services, so you may wish to order additional glassware to cater for your venue and event requirements. 

Please Note: A minimum hire of 100x glasses applies only when not ordered in conjunction with any other products or services. 

Perth Glass Hire - Arcoroc Schooner Beer Glass

Arcoroc Emperor Beer Glass

Perfect for Beer. Schooner (425ml).



$0.60 / each

Perth Glass Hire - Pasabahce Martini Cocktail Glass 250ml

Pasabahce Martini Glass

Perfect for Cocktails (250ml)

$0.95 / each

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235ml Midnight Beer Cup

Recyclable & BPA free

$0.30 / Each


Bio Plastic Wine Glass

Plant-Based & Compostable. Perfect for Wine or Champagne.


$0.25 / each

Perth Glass Hire - Spiegelau Wine Glass 380ml

Spiegelau Wine Glass

hybrid wine glass perfect for Red & White Wine. (380ml)


$0.60 / each

Perth Glass Hire - Arcoroc Hi Ball Glass

Arcoroc Hi Ball Glass

Perfect for Cocktails, Water & Softies (350ml)

$0.60 / each


Plastic Wine Glass

Recyclable & BPA free 

$ 0.85 / each


Bio Plastic Beer Cup

Plant-Based & Compostable. Perfect for Beer


$0.25 / each

Perth Glass Hire - Spiegelau Champagne Glass 190ml

Spiegelau Champagne Glass

Perfect for Champagne. (190ml)

$0.70 / each

Crown Straights

Crown Straights Lo Ball Glass

Perfect for Spirits, Select Cocktails, Water & Softies (225ml)

$0.60 / each


Plastic Champagne Glass

Recyclable & BPA free 

$ 0.85 / each


Bio Plastic Tumbler

Plant-Based & Compostable. Perfect for Beer, Cocktails & Softies.

$0.25 / each